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Our services

B&B Residenza La Corte Assisi and Room En suite La Corte Assisi are the two small structures in the heart of Assisi, in Umbria, where refinement is in the essentiality and simplicity.

These are the POST COVID19 measures we have adopted: hygienic kit (masks, sanitizing detergent, sanitizing carpets), self checkin with keypads (which guarantee access at any time of day and night, avoid, for safety reasons, unnecessary contacts with people); rooms furnished in essential ways where all surfaces can be sanitized every time; use of sheet bags, which guarantee absolute hygiene.

Here you can find the services of the B&B Residenza La Corte Assisi

Here you can find the services of Room En Suite La Corte Assisi

We will recommend what we love and are passionate about; on request:

Excursions on foot – in the Park of Monte Subasio, a few steps from our residence.
Horseback riding – a friend of ours, passionate and horse breeder, who lives in a wonderful place, Paradiso 40, organizes horseback rides
Food and Wine Tours – thanks to our real work we know many small wineries, farms, oil mills, artisans. We can organize tours for you to discover them
No TV: Deliberately, in our residences we did not put the TV, we want our guests during their stay to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the place, of Assisi, who speak, read, make love, who let themselves be involved in the panoramas, from glimpses and silence.

#Pellegrinifriendly and #walkerfriendly: we welcome walkers and pilgrims on the Via di Francesco and Qui passed Francesco “: we too are lovers and passionate walkers and we have been pilgrims (Santiago de Compostella path and the Way of Francis) and we know what the hospitality; if you come for a walking holiday and / or show us the credential of the walk, we will give you a very special price reserved only for “pilgrims walkers”; call us to make you live!